Download of the Week: Julia Holter

Julia Holter's Exstasis (Greek for "outside of oneself") is a beautiful, dreamy, heady, and carefully crafted record. It's one of those albums that you immerse yourself in, float around within, and wish it would last just a little longer. As a matter of fact, since downloading Exstasis, I've listened to it a number of times and always all-the-way-through. My one wish, let's call it one of my Christmas list items, would be to get my hands on the 24-bit download that's available from Qobuz—unless you live in the USA. Dammit!

Julia Holter studied composition at CalArts and spent 3 years on Exstasis and you can hear all manner of influence and associations but I prefer to leave that alone and just listen. Of course you can just listen to the song samples yourself and see what references they trigger which will most certainly be different from mine. That's one of the nice things about music, don't you think?

Released on RVNG Intl. you can get Exstasis from the RVG Intl. Bandcamp page in the original version as a FLAC or WAV download ($9.00), or buy the double 45RPM LP ($14) and get the FLAC or WAV download for free. There's also an Expanded Version ($8.00) that includes 5 additional tracks which seems like the download deal to me. And for those that live outside the USA, Qobuz offers the 24/44.1 FLAC download (14.99€).

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is that the LP probably gets you the "24/44.1" essentially. After you send it through Pure Vinyl. And an LP!

A double LP - no, double 45rpm LPs-- for $14. Wow that's inexpensive, and they're still tossing you a lossless copy if you like.

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... or at least that's the way sampling the tracks struck me.

Just to clarify, I read the terms of use on the Qobuz site; the music is ONLY available to people who live in France or one of its territories and have a French bank card.

beginning of rant

This whole business of being able to download music from site ABC only if you live in country XYZ really sucks.  Kudos to Seven Digital and Linn and Gimmell and those others who take the time to figure out how to accomodate customers in other countries.  And a big fat "boo hiss" to companies who don't bother (you know who you are).

end of rant