Download of the Week: Joanna Newsom

I'll just say it; Joanna Newsom is a songbird. Or maybe a fiendishly lovely automaton. Either way, you can certainly become enchanted with her sound which will leave you hopelessly lost in some Pre-Raphaelite medieval garden. Listen in to what she's singing and saying, and you may just fall in love.

Divers is the new record, her first in 5 years, and it blossoms with beauty, intensity, and wonder as does everything she touches. Back in 2005-ish I invited two friends to come see Joanna at a small club in Manhattan. She performed the entire album Ys with a small ensemble along with a few choice solo numbers, vocals and harp, from her debut album The Milk-Eyed Mender that contains the track "The Book of Right-On" and the lyric I killed my dinner with karate, which fascinated both our daughters to no end. Which in itself was fascinating. "Play the karate song!"

I've been playing Divers pretty much on endless repeat sniffing up its many delights while falling deeper and deeper under its spell. The title track is, to my mind, some pure lovely stuff.

You can get your copy directly from her label Drag City.

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Michael, from a few of your recent download recommendations, e.g. this one, JamieXX, Julia Holter, I think you'd enjoy this radio station. It's great for discovering new music. I'm assuming you can pick it up over the Internet...

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I'll check out it out.
Paul's picture for the catch-up episodes.

They also have a Spotify playlist, just search for 6 Music Recommends. I only just found that out, so it may well be my late night Friday entertainment.