Download of the Week: Jesu/Sun Kil Moon

Here's the skinny on my intro to Jesu/Sun Kil Moon (Rough Trade, 2016); I read that in the song "Exodus", Sun Kil Moon's Mark Kozelek talks about Nick Cave losing his son in that tragic accident. I'd been thinking about Nick Cave, the father, so I couldn't help but run my fingers over to Tidal where they tapped in my request to play the entire album. Tidal obliged.

I was greeted with a nice burst of blistering guitar courtesy of Jesu's Justin Broadrick and Mark Kozelek's slack-jawed, loose cheeked cheeky mostly spoken, sometimes sung, sometimes screamed vocals. And it felt good. In addition to Jesu, Sun Kil Moon is joined by a host of lovelies including Will Oldham aka Bonnie "Prince" Billy, members of Low, Rachel Goswell of Slowdive, and Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse.

I admit to not knowing a whole helluva lot about Sun Kil Moon and Mark Kozelek, which may be a good thing. AllMusic feels that Jesu/Sun Kil Moon will mostly appeal to fans and otherwise grate but they're off the mark in my case. The more I listen, the more I hear, the more I find to like.

"Exodus", by the way, did not disappoint and it is perhaps the saddest song I've heard in some time.

Available from Boomkat

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Giving the albums "Benji" and "Among the Leaves" a listen.

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Not sure I'd have the time to wade through everything that might be interesting about Kozelek's prolific work. And by that I only mean the sheer volume of it and of what's in each and every song is a lot to deal with, if lyrics mean anything and in his work it seems almost nearly everything.

Heavy stuff on this collaboration, much of it indeed deeply moving. I can seriously take a pass on the narcissistically shared testimonials however. Those parts are cringe-worthy enough that it raises the possibility he's making fun of the fans who wrote him, which surely isn't the intention.

I want to circle back with headphones on and closed eyes next time and experience another take from that perspective. Rather rare to have an artist share so openly and honestly; for me that's the treasure here, among everything else.

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I also have Benji and Among the Leaves and all three are very good records and well worth the price of admission. Glad you chose this for a DOTW pick. I have a DOTW for you Michael, Loop the Loop by Bullion. You must listen to this one, Pop? Electronic? Dance? Cannot choose just one. Go to Tidal to hear this.

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...I was just listening to "Loop The Loop" this week. I was led there from here.
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... you Can't Get There from Here.

And that Everyone Knows This is Nowhere.

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Cannot recommend Ghosts of the Great Highway Higly enough - haunting and beautiful album Michael

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Or even highly enough

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I am using a Steinberg UR-22 usb 24192 interface with my AKG 701s and I am having a hard time understanding the lyrics on SoundCloud. Must be my old ears.