Download of the Week: Jacques Tati

I searched high and low for the album of music from the films of Jacques Tati that had the most music from his films. This search took me to France, of course it did, and to Tati Sonorama ! which is 39 tracks and 01:19:25 of bubbles.

Way back some time in the early '70s, my father bought a VCR. Being an EEE and a movie buff meant he bought the first one he could buy and all I remember about the machine was big & heavy. The first film we watched on this big & heavy machine was Jacques Tati's Mr. Hulot's Holiday, one of the lightest films of all time. and I remember not laughing as hard as my father finding Mr. Hulot a kinda sad, lonely, and sympathetic character. I empathized.

Post-Bennington College c.late '80s, Joe (Surdna) came for a visit to my short-lived apartment in Montclair, NJ bringing with him what today are called edibles. We edibled and watched Mr. Hulot's Holiday mostly from the floor where our uncontrollable laughter brought us, writhing.

My attachment to the movies and music of Jacques Tati run deep and Tati Sonorama ! brings me back and forward and back in time like the amusement park ride of dreams. I recommend listening and watching and floating away.

That trip to France landed in Qobuz.

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Edibles, yeah, edibles.

Way to go, Bevis.

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I love all of Tati's films. Found the soundtrack, on vinyl, to Mr Hulot's Holiday on this weird little London label, Trunk.

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I thought I was the only one!

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ML, you have great taste in music and cinema. His Playtime is one of the greatest films of all time in my opinion and it's the only film I wish I had a state of the art home theater system's a major achievement on every level but especially the marriage of sound and image. Might also be the most creative use of the 65mm format ever.