Download of the Week: Iron & Wine

I was in our NY office and I asked Robert Baird, Stereophile's Music Editor, "Have you heard the new Iron & Wine? It's really nice, very easy to like." Robert responded that he hadn't listened to it yet so I added, "Some reviewers have said it may be too easy to like." To which Robert responded with a sigh of a sentence as if he's heard this way too many times, "Is anything really too easy to like?" I like Robert.

Beast Epic is Iron & Wine's sixth full-length album and it's very easy to like.

Get is from Sub Pop.

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I've just finished dinner (in the UK, 6hrs ahead of the US), made myself a nice coffee (Clever Dripper - lovely device) and thought what should I put on next?

Queen's Sheer Heart Attack was good but not really right with a quiet Friday night stretching ahead of me.

Saw this, found it on Tidal (in Roon), clicked play; perfect. Just the mood I was looking for.

Anyone who diss's streaming services surely hasn't tried them properly. Anyway, on track three already, I must go and have a proper listen :-)

Have a good weekend everyone