Download of the Week: Iona Fortune

Iona Fortune's Tao Of I, released on Optimo Music last month, is the first in a series of eight releases exploring the symbols of the I Ching, the oldest Chinese divination text (the core text dates somewhere between the 10th and 4th centuries BC) and still heavyweight champion.
"...her music is influenced by oriental sounds and features a palette of instruments that includes the Guzheng, Gamelan and EMS Synthi AKS."
Meditative music, like Alice Coltrane's, is hitting my sweet spot hard these days and Tao Of I is a lovely 38 minutes of soul-soothing Eastern-infused otherness that slows the mind and body to its more peaceful state. Quite the feat in these times.

Let the Tao Of I heal you (at least for 38 minutes, more or less). Available from Bandcamp

Listen here:

Mr Quiet's picture

I like it. It sounds wonderful through a pair of Night Owl Carbons too, (Thank you Audioquest, and especially Stephen Mejias) even though the background bass reminds me of Cormac McCarthy's book "The Road"
This is going to get some serious air time in my Rig.