Download of the Week: Grouper

Elizabeth Harris is Grouper and Hold/Sick was originally released as a 7" tour single in 2010. I'm really using this download as a good excuse to introduce Liz Harris/Grouper and would recommend diving into her full length LPs, if you can find them.

Last year when the LP duo A I A: Alien Observer / Dream Loss came out, I made my way over to Other Music to pick 'em up. When I could not locate them on the shelves I asked the ever helpful staff, "Where can I find Grouper's new LPs?"

"They sold out the morning of the release." was the response I got and, "People were lined up outside the store before we opened." That's the kind of good news/bad news I can appreciate.

I find Grouper's music, when I can find it, drowning in dreamy and reminiscent of a number of bands I enjoy including the ever-dreamy Cocteau Twins. Liz Harris weaves layers of processed guitar, keyboards, noise, found sounds, and vocals into a tantalizing mix that brings me to other places every time and Hold/Sick is no exception. “They’re about feeling like an observer of one's owns emotions,” Harris explains, “You’re in that space where you’re not sure whether to follow or reel them in.”

You can purchase Hold/Sick from in WAV or FLAC format and in FLAC format from Boomkat.

And you can listen to "Hold" in its entirety from the Room 40 Soundcloud page (or right here).

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