Download of the Week: FKA twigs

You're going to see FKA twigs first full length album, LP1, fall onto many "Best Of..." lists. Its certainly on mine, even though that list doesn't really exist. LP1 is a stunning mix of styles melding seamlessly into a future now sound. Baroque, soul, R&B, pop, and more Tahliah Barnett, aka FKA twigs, with the help of Arca, Clams Casino, Paul Epworth and Devonte Hynes build a beautiful sound world with LP1 for you to drift within, bumping up against innumerable pleasures as you go.

Deep too. Even though the surface of LP1 is all lustrous and shiny, repeated listening is rewarded with a deeper beauty.

Tahliah Barnett also moves at her own preferred pace which is gracefully glacial, like two bodies exploring each other for the first time. Did I say sexy?

Sexy. Soulful. Beautiful. What more can I say. Oh, it sounds great on the hi-fi! Get yours from Boomkat.

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What a great album. Based on my play count in Itunes, I think I may have played it a bit much since downloading.

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