Download of the Week: Fennesz

You can't tell but I'm jumping up and down. Knees to chest jumping, arms flapping about in sync with excitement over the new album Bécs from Austrian guitarist and electronic musician Christian Fennesz. Released on Editions Mego just a few days ago, Bécs is the long-awaited companion piece to 2001's Endless Summer and it was O-so-worth the wait.

Bécs (pronounced 'baeetch') is Hungarian for Vienna, Fennesz's home town and this record is filled with sentimental sounding guitar surrounded by stunningly lovely electronica. Werner Dafeldecker, Martin Brandlmayer, Tony Buck, and Cédric Stevens (aka Acid Kirk) lend a hand, adding their own layers to the mix where moments of real beauty, blistering noise, and throbbing grace contribute to the sweeping sonic scenery making for an engaging journey I plan to take many times more.

If I may offer a suggestion, you want to listen to Bécs at room-filling levels so you can immerse yourself, drown yourself, in its sounds. There are melodies that seem to come and go from reality to remembered to dreamt, in room, in passing, in your head. Lovely.

Get Bécs in CD-quality FLAC format from Boomkat.

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this review of Geek OUT seems too favorable. I hope it's not because of the advertising money they spend here. I like the part where you compare it to the oDac and ifi.. but you're saying it sounds better than the mytek too???

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Nice display of imagination though ;-)

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I guess that means Monday, huh?

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I needed some extra time.
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Can there be one article on Audiostream that's not polluted with posts about Geek Out! Gosh have a little consideration!

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think of it like a banner to the right

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I've been listening to his great music for years and grabbed this earlier this week. It's fantastic and I full agree it should be played loud. A highlight of his career, in my opinion.

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You lost me. I am as impressed with your and Mejias' equipment reviews as I am perplexed by the recordings you two go gaga over. They are computer generated sound effects overlaid with lots of echo and distortion, and little discernible structure. I'd like to read about conventional contemporary musical finds, too. No disrespect, man, but I'm just sayin'.

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Yet anyway ;-)

I try to offer a variety of genres in the DotW ideally introducing people to music they may have otherwise missed. Inevitably every selection will not be for everyone but how awfully boring it would be if they were.

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I really enjoy your DOTW pieces. It allows me to reduce the search space considerably. I don't like everything, but what I do like, I really like. HTRK is now a favorite band.