Download of the Week: Ensemble of Irreproducible Outcomes

Hold the phone! In my review of the Sound Galleries SGM music server I said:
I recently had a few friends over for a listening and barn orchestra party. John DeVore and Stephen Mejias arrived just before noon and we spent the better part of the day into the early night listening to, and at times playing along with1, music from the system. We took turns selecting the music, letting each others selections inform our own (this is a boat load of fun). John queued up The Ensemble Of Irreproducible Outcomes' "Intonazione/The Foggy Dew" while he was sitting in the red chair and after a few minutes he suggested, strongly, that Stephen take the hot seat. After some time, Stephen suggested, strongly, that I take his place.

Let me put it this way—if you come over to hang out in the barn and I want to blow your music-loving mind, I will play The Ensemble Of Irreproducible Outcomes' "Intonazione/The Foggy Dew". This is very well recorded acoustic music and the space of the recording becomes the space of the barn: In every way, shape, and form.

At the time of the review, this recording was no longer available. Now, as of today, the *entire session* is available for download.

From EIO:

The nature of any music is determined by the acoustic space in which it dwells. Much of what we do in EIO is connected to exploration of musical spaces, both real and imaginary. With this audio document, we share our encounter with a space that surpassed our imaginations.

I first learned about Silo City at a Missouri composer's symposium in the summer of 2016 and immediately moved to add it to our upcoming tour itinerary. The possibility of playing in an immense grain silo was irresistible. Silo director Jim Watkins replied generously to my inquiries and we were scheduled for September 20th.

Playing in this space was an exhilarating, astonishing experience. We felt an instant connection to the acoustic response the silo provided and it became an additional instrument that we played together. Its reverberation allowed us to perform pieces like In Search of a Basilica and This B is for Brian without the usual electronics. Due to the extremely dim light, we refrained from any pieces we could not play memory. Tracks 3-5 are solo and duo improvisations, another departure from our norm.

I just bought mine, paying more than the asking price, and I recommend giving it a listen after which I'd imagine you'll be buying yours, too.

Available from the Irritable Hedgehog Bandcamp page (wink)

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Awesome, just grabbed a copy. thanks.

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I've been listening off and on at work today mostly as background music. The first two songs have moments that really remind me of Becomes Ocean. Good stuff

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Fabulous stuff. Thanks for the recommendation. My first purchase through Bandcamp. I'm sure it'll be the first of many!

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EIO: Silo City

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This is great! And I thought the other recording was reminiscent of Pauline Olivieros. Great day on Bandcamp, this, two DJ Kicks, and filling out my extensive Nissennenmodai collection!

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Listening to the cut, both dogs in the room launched up from a sound sleep barking warning barks, and now have moved to the farthest room away from the music. Periodically storm the room rage barking and then back out. Got to be some astonishing high frequency sounds in there...

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Thanks for another solid recommendation!

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I was not impressed.
I kept listening.
Hey. I'm in almost 30 minutes now and just realizing it.
This is growing on me.
I never hit the stop button.