Download Of The Week: Cocteau Twins

Back in the '80s, Joe (Surdna) and I would make the shortish downhill trip from Bennington, VT to Williamstown, MA and Toonerville Trolley Records where we would discover new things.

My new music appetite was largely fed by radio and the most influential station then, and now, was/is WFMU which I'd listen to when visiting NJ. Psychic TV, Savage Republic, Front 242, and many others (Black Flag blasting from the sculpture pit) played in my mind along with Hank Williams and Sonny Rollins' Freedom Suite on repeat when I was making things. I can still feel the excitement in finding, holding, reading, and buying a new record from Toonerville Trolley Records1 and the expectation that lasted the drive back to school.

The Cocteau Twins were an outlier in that they were not as overtly angry as a lot of the other music I was listening to. They were downright, lovely. Elizabeth Fraser was angelic voiced and the wash of dreamy swathes of sounds keeping her aloft combined to make for an otherworldly listening experience.

These days I dip my toe back into the Cocteau Twins only occasionally, perhaps wanting to keep the attachment to the '80s stronger than the present. But last week's DotW featured Elizabeth's vocals which called for more.

I tried to remember which Cocteau Twins album was most momentous but all of the early releases fit the bill. So I give you Treasure from 1984 in the hopes that you'll some find some otherworldly pleasure in hearing it again or for the first time.

Get your Treasure from Boomkat.

Listen here:

1. Very much to my delight, I learned that Toonerville Trolley Records is still going strong.