Download of the Week: Christian Löffler

Located on the Darss peninsular, overlooking the southern coast of the Baltic Sea, is a log cabin, nestled among the jungle-like overgrowth of surrounding birch and willow trees. The cabin is Christian Loeffler's atelier, where he locks himself up to work on both his visual art und his music.
Mare is Christian's second album, released in October of this year on Ki Records. I clicked on it in Tidal because I liked the look of it and I liked the words attached to it; Mare, Christian Löffler. Seemed mysterious.

I've since spent a lot of alone-time with Christian Löffler's Mare, which has rewarded me with with calm and beauty amid all manner of sounds and songs, as I imagine strolling through a jungle-like forest on the edge of the Baltic Sea would do.

Vocalist Mohna, Mona Steinwidder of Hamburg, adds her lovely breath to a number of songs bringing a more-than-human touch to the otherwise solitary proceedings. This is cared-for music, combining many elements:

...'Mare' is much more organic, in which nearly every sound and every instrument is self-recorded. Many of the album's ideas are based on field-recordings taken from the surroundings. On top of this, several microphones were set up in the room and left to run on for whole sessions. The microphones collected everything, from tapping, singing, playing, footsteps, as well as percussive elements.
Get your slice of calm beauty from the Ki Records Bandcamp page. Listen here:

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You should also really check out Pantha Du Prince if the work on Mare is doing it for you. As producers, the two are sonically very similar palettes, both in structure and in atmosphere.

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Your picks keep me smiling.