Download of the Week: Burial

Burial's Kindred three-track EP was released in 2012 and I'm finally getting around to getting around in it. And man, is there a lot to get around within. Pounding, throbbing, gristle-y bass keeps things moving through layers upon layers of sound, scratch, pulse, and ethereally malformed vocals all adding up to one super sonic trip.

I've enjoyed every Burial release I've gotten my hands on (the LPs) since his self-titled release in 2006, his equally mesmerizing sophomore Untrue and the various and sundry EPs and remixes scattered throughout the years since.

So I'd recommend any and every Burial release and just happen to be digging this one the most at the moment because I'm listening to it at the moment the most because its new to me. You can pick up Kindred in CD-quality FLAC or WAV format from ($2.49) or FLAC from Boomkat (£1.99).

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You might also takes listen to Burial's mix of the rare (1000 copies issued in October 2011) Massive Attack Four Walls/Paradise Circus single. 11:57 of crackle and his laden sonic wonder. It's tough to locate but if you persist it can be found on the web.

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I'll keep an eye for it.