Download of the Week: The Breeders

The Breeders are back and there's gonna be trouble (Hey la, hey la, The Breeder's are back).

It feels like forever ago that I got to sit in on an early listen of All Nerve, The Breeders new album, at John DeVore's place with a few members of the band. If you are under the impression we all listen for the same thing and thus hear the same thing when listening to music, just spend some time listening to musicians listening to themselves.

This new record is special for two main reasons; it was made by the original members (Kim Deal, Josephine Wiggs, Jim Macpherson and Kelley Deal), and it's really great music. Back at John's, I kept thinking—damn! This record sounds great. I hope it doesn't change too much when it comes out.

It hasn't. Raw, spare, clean and propulsive are all things that come to mind as I listen but words quickly fade away replaced by all those beautiful tempting hooks. All Nerve is like dinner, desert, and the after-party all rolled into one.

But don't take my word for it rather read any one of the gazillion reviews pouring praise all over All Nerve. Better yet, have a listen for yourself.

All Nerve is available from the 4AD Store.

Listen to "Nervous Mary" here:

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"I got to sit in on an early listen of All Nerve, The Breeders new album, at John DeVore's place with a few members of the band."

Why is this not an entire piece? One of rock'n'roll's last aesthetes, at John Devore's house? Are you implying that Kim Deal was there? That you have insight into her or Kelley's or "members of the band"'s preferences regarding rock'n'roll sound? I'm sorry, but if that itty bitty sentence is all you are willing to give, then shame, man. I mean, jesus, next you're gonna say that Steve was there, too. Please, tell us more. Please. Because didn't we all preorder this months ago anyway? (Not to disparage the DLotW column -- which I love -- or your choice -- which I also love, obviously.)

I would also like to say that while I love the OG line-up, I'm still partial to the LA rhythm section of Title TK and Mountain Battles. Perhaps that's just my geographical bias. But, then, how could I really know?

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As a native Daytonian, and lover of goods music and audiophila, I second the above post. Full article is necessaey

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Wrote this post/message twice. First time, lots of exclamation marks. MANY!!! This time, I've calmed down. Please, Mr. Lavorgna, create a piece on that Breeders-DeVore meeting. Over time, I've been gobsmacked by (The Cult of) 4AD bands, performers, and fans. 4AD, along with Rough Trade, Sire, Beggars Banquet, was a key part of my 1980s-1990s youth. This may be AudioStream, the "streaming/digital" arm of things Stereophile, but there's no law saying you can't write a bit about artists, too. Thank you.