Download of the Week: Boris

Megalithic heaviness.

I like Boris and I love their music, all big, dark (mostly), and heavy. I asked Stephen Mejias how they get that guitar tone, I want it, and he believes they had their effects pedals custom made [dammit, Ed.] (Stephen is a guitar player, too, and an effects pedal aficionado/collector).

On Dear, the band's 20-somethingith record, they leave their shape-shifting behind, skip Pink's pop, and strip down to heaviness. This pleases me me to no end. Fat-ass doom chords, distortion, hellacious vocals, and searing angelic riffs that run all the way up that stairway to heaviness, listening to Dear, loud is the only way to do it, is like motorcycling through a blast furnace, "all Halloween orange and chimney read" (Tom Waits). Sweet.

Get Dear from Boris' Bandcamp page.

Listen here:

Stephen Mejias's picture

The effects manufacturer I was thinking of is Dwarfcraft Devices, and the specific sound that I think you want might come from Dwarfcraft's Eau Claire Thunder and She Fuzz. Highly, highly recommended.