Download of the Week: Akira Rabelais

Are you signed up for Boomkat's "Weekly Digest" email blast? Here's something from August 8th:
This week we present the first vinyl edition of Akira Rabelais' modern masterpiece Spellewauerynsherde. It's a collection of songs dating back to the 12th century, sublimated into something completely surreal and evocative. It was originally issued on CD via David Sylvian’s Samadhisound label back in 2004 and really is one of the most enigmatic albums of the 21st century so far and one of our favourite albums of all time.
If you do subscribe to Boomkat's Weekly Digest email blast, and you're anything like me, you'd have been listening Akira Rabelais' Spellewauerynsherde within moments of reading that. Thanks to Tidal HiFi, I was.

I don't think I got all the way through Spellewauerynsherde before I went to Akira Rabelais' Bandcamp page to buy Spellewauerynsherde (I like supporting artists I like) where I had the album in my cart and was about to press "Check out with PayPal" when my eye eyeballed the larger window behind the smaller popup pay one where "Buy Digital Discography $31.50 (10% Off)" said to me, "You want this."

So here I sit one month later listening to Akira Rabelais' complete digital discography over and over and over and loving every last drop. These albums vary in tone and instrumentation but there's an underlying unity, a beautiful flow that exists within each album and from album to album; sound worlds that invite prolonged dreaming.

I am enchanted.

While I could go on about the ringing beauty of ...Bénédiction, Draw , the quiet intense dreaminess of The Little Glass which features Harold Budd, the menacing grip of Caduceus, or the exquisite piano reworking of Satie and others on Eisoptrophobia I won't because I like to focus on just one record for the DotW.

Spellewauerynsherde consists of seven medieval choral pieces run through Rabelais' Rabelais machine, turning them into a mystery, a longing, a place. Purely lovely.

You can get it all from Akira Rabelais' Bandcamp page.

Listen here:

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Thanks for highlighting this riveting performance.