Download (CD-Rip, actually) of the Week: Jimi Hendrix

RMAF Reporting Intermission*: I brought two tracks from the Jimi Hendrix Experience's third release Electric Ladyland to RMAF 2015; "Voodoo Chile" and "Rainy Day, Dream Away". The rip is from the Japanese import CD [UICY-93142] with the original UK cover art (pictured above in Jimi's teeth). I've been listening to Electric Ladyland since the 1970's and this import CD is the best sounding digital version I've heard. In general, I've found the UK Trax Records LPs (especially the mono releases) and the first run tri-color label Reprise LP's to be the ones to look out for on vinyl. I think everyone should own Electric Ladyland and love it which tells you something about me ;-)

*I have some other important work to do this morning so I will continue posting my RMAF show report as soon as I can. Since I'm just beginning to post Day 2 of 3 of my report, expect to see many more posts throughout the weekend.

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Have had the Polydor, UK recording since it was released. It's a centerpiece of my collection. Thankfully, it still retains most of its sonic flavor. Always find myself coming back for a listen periodically. When collecting records in my youth, I always favored Import recordings (mostly from the UK), particularly Beatle/Stones releases. Granted, they were more expensive. But the sound quality, compared to the same American releases, was always notably superior. I agree, this one's a gem!