Digibit Aria Mini

I was very favorably impressed with Digibit's Aria Server (see review) so I was happy to see them in Munich showing off the Aria's little brother the DLNA and AirPlay-enabled Aria Mini ($3200). The Mini can accommodate up to 2TB of HDD storage or 1TB of SSD storage into its fanless and fun form factor. You can attach to your network-attached storage via Ethernet/Wi-Fi or USB storage via its USB input. The Mini also houses a 32/384 and DSD128 capable DAC or you can opt to exit through its USB output (ASIO, WASAPI and Kernel streaming) to your DAC of choice.

The Aria Mini comes with an external switching power supply but they also offer an optional linear power supply. There's also a built-in CD-ripper which will automatically rip your tunes to its internal storage. The associated Aria app for iOS, which I found to be very slick, supports up to 18 extended metadata fields so you can tag your library to taste. That horizontal shelf on the mini's face is meant to be a nice place for your iPad to rest.