DeVore Fidelity/Sugden

Whenever I need an audio show reality check, which happens at least once a day, I head to John DeVore's room. The first time I entered, I was treated to some Lonnie Johnson, Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose ("Too Late To Turn Back Now"), and some other delectable treats like Lambert, Hendricks & Ross singing the alphabet by Tone Imports' Jonathan Halpern who imports, among others, Sugden. These selections were all on vinyl, and as I sat in the sweet spot I felt myself relaxing into my sweet spot.

Being the digital scourge/analog killer that I am, John DeVore played me some bits through the Sugden Masterclass DAC-4 ($2250). Track one was "Since I've Been Loving You" from Led Zeppelin III in glorious 24/96 (yea, it sounded glorious and I noted I felt the Gibsonness) which maxes out the Sugden's resolution limit.

I'll add that this track was played at if-you-don't-like-this-music-then-don't-come-in levels and I felt refreshed, invigorated, and ready to do battle with polite female jazz vocalists. At least for a few hours.

System: DeVore Fidelity O/93 ($8400/pair), Sugden A-21SE Pure Class A Integrated amp ($3250), EMT TSD75 Moving Coil Cartridge ($1950), Well Tempered Amedeus Turntable & Tonearm ($2850), Well Tempered DPS power supply ($400), Auditorium 23 cables, Box Furniture Co S4M Maple Four-Shelf Stand ($2950), and the Audiophilleo2 MKII USB- S/PDIF transport ($579) to get the bits from a MacBook to the Sugden's non-USB endowed S/PDIF input.

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When I compare vinyl to digital back to back, I always prefer the vinyl on analog recordings. Are you saying in this instance the digital was just as satisfying? And thanks for providing the detail of the system just one thing, what media player software was used? Cheers!

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...vinyl and digital ;-)
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was iTunes running with BitPerfect on my Macbook Pro with SSD.

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Thanks! As a 'neutral' would you care to comment on the vinyl v digital comparison?

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If our host declines to compare, so must I.

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Looks like something very pale in the image from HR's visit. Maple, maybe? I like it.

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The O/93s at RMAF were a custom Maple pair.

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Something about the darker woods and especially the black dust covers... maybe it's the Darth Vader look?

Anyway, very refreshing to see these, especially with the large front panels. Lovely!