Devialet introduced four new versions of their D-Premier D/A integrated amplifier that so impressed John Atkinson (see review). If you are not familiar with Devialet I encourage you read JA's review for all of the details but to summarize Devialet rolls up a DAC, network player, integrated amplifier, and more into one slim, slick, and appealingly modern aluminum body. The new line-up offers the Devialet technology at various price points and power ratings with increasing levels of functionality. The Devialet 110 (€4990) sits at the entry end of the line and offers 110Wpc of output power. The 170 (€6990) ups the power rating to 170Wpc and adds an MM/MC phono input. The Devialet 240 offers, as you have probably figured out by now, 240Wpc and the 500 (€22,900) tops out at 500Wpc.

If I was trendspotting, and I was, I'd point to simplification as one of the more compelling.