dCS Vivaldi(s)

I was treated to the dCS Vivaldi in two rooms at CES 2015. Pictured above is John Atkinson of Stereophile dare I say relaxing in the moment listening to the Vivaldi stack ($108,496) coupled with D'Agostino amps and Rockport speakers. I also shared this oh-so-very sweet spot in the dCS room and the sound was spectacular; natural, smooth, detailed, rich, and warm.

VTL was also using the Vivaldi DAC and Transport ($75,000) this time coupled with the VTL S-400 Series II Reference Stereo Amplifier, the TL6.5 Series II Signature Line Pramplifier, and a pair of Wilson Audio Sasha 2 speakers. We were treated to a number of Peter McGrath's, of Wilson Audio, fine recordings including Rachmaninoff's Vespers and I was nearly brought to tears (no, really). This was later in the day on the last day of CES so I admit to being somewhat shaky but the sound was exquisite.

Keep an eye out for some dCS digital goodness hitting the AudioStream barn sometime soon.