dCS release Rossini 2.0 Software and Network Update


In a world of instantaneous answers at the tip of our fingertips or tongues as we wag either at our various platform-specific digital assistants to tell us want we want to know, waiting for an update on anything can be a tortuous predicament on our first-world list of problems.

This is especially true in the audiophile world as we are not a patient lot in many ways and the speed at which digital audio has spread through the hobby is a direct reflection (IMHO) of how greedily we soak up new technology and the latest software or firmware updates that this digital bent has – if you’ll excuse the pun – pushed on to us via online updates.

So, as someone who is in possession of something from the dCS product range (Rossini DAC on loan), I can say with no rhetoric that I was more than eager for the Rossini 2.0 software and updated network firmware f(or both the Rossini and Vivaldi range) that dCS Americas General Manager John Quick had spoke with me about back in October, and for those souls who've had a Rossini longer, while there have been numerous small point-one updates continuously streaming out of dCS, this is the first major update in roughly a year.

But, as they say patience is a virtue, so as soon as I finish writing up this release from dCS outlining what the 2.0 software and network upgrade consists of, I’ll be installing it myself. Look for a post on just what sonic and operational affect the 2.0 update has in the very near future.

Press release highlights below

2018 was a very busy year for dCS with a number of new product introductions as well as numerous enhancements to our current offerings. With Rossini Transport and the new Bartók product line we’ve created offerings that will allow us to welcome a new group of customers to the dCS family. In parallel we brought meaningful improvements to our existing products so as to ensure that our long-time customers continue to enjoy truly cutting-edge digital playback.

To kick off 2019 dCS is releasing two software updates which bring significant performance gains to our products. Please see below for information and contact your dealers and customers to let them know of the update availability.  

Rossini 2.0

dCS is pleased to announce that we have applied the technology developed for Vivaldi 2.0 to our Rossini platform and, like Vivaldi, this performance upgrade is available through a simple firmware update. As with Vivaldi 2.0 this update to Rossini brings significant gains in terms of sonic and measured performance.

Rossini 2.0 includes the following:

  • Updated RingDAC mapping algorithm based on the Vivaldi 2.0. This includes user-selectable mapping optimizations to allow for further tailoring of the sonic character of the DAC.
  • Addition of a DSDx2 upsampling option adapted from Vivaldi 2.0 and Vivaldi One.
  • Addition of DSD Filter 5 from Vivaldi 2.0
  • Improved handling of MQA transitions to eliminate dropouts
  • New time display modes for Rossini Player
  • Support for app control of a connected Rossini Transport (requires update to the dCS Rossini app via the App Store)

We are very pleased with the performance increase that this update has brought to the Rossini platform and are excited to share these gains with all of our customers who have invested in Rossini.

Rossini 2.0 will be available for installation on Wednesday, 2nd January 2019 at 10:00AM GMT. Please contact your dealers and customers to ensure that they are aware of the update availability and that they have the information needed to perform the update. There will be an associated update to the dCS Rossini app available through the App Store.

Updated manuals will soon be available from the support section of the dCS website and customers are encouraged to reference these for information on the new features.

Network firmware 406

Along with the Rossini 2.0 update we are releasing an update to our network firmware for Rossini, Vivaldi, and Vivaldi One devices. This release includes a complete re-write of our Roon Ready implementation and brings with it a number of performance and stability improvements. Please see the attached release notes for additional information on the contents of this update. Note that this version of the network firmware will not be immediately available for Network Bridge customers as we are finalizing an update to the FPGA on that device. Network Bridge customers should expect an update for their devices in early 2019.

Update Information

Rossini 2.0 and network firmware 406 will be distributed as an online update via the internet. The process can be initiated from within the dCS app with the following steps:

  • 1)From the main screen of the dCS app tap on the wrench or gear icon in the upper right corner.
  • 2)Tap on the ‘Information’ button
  • 3)Tap on ‘Version’
  • 4)Tap on ‘Check for Updates’
  • 5)The user will be prompted to download and install the update.

For Rossini the process will take approximately 15 – 20 minutes and once complete the front panel will display ‘PLEASE RESTART’. At this time the device should be power-cycled using the rear panel switch.

Once complete the Rossini should be reporting the following software versions: Main Board:  2.00/Network Board: 406

If both versions were not updated, please re-try the update process.

Vivaldi and Vivaldi One devices should be power-cycled after the network firmware update is complete and the device is once again available via the dCS app. Once complete the unit should be reporting the following on the versions screen:

Vivaldi Upsampler

  • Control Board:  2.10
  • Interface Board:  2.10
  • Front Panel:  2.10
  • Network:  406

Vivaldi One

  • Control Board:  1.11
  • Front Panel:  1.10
  • Interface Board:  1.10
  • Network:  406

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