dCS Does MQA

Pictured is the dCS Rossini Player, which received a favorable review from John Atkinson in Stereophile, just received a firmware update making it MQA-enabled. John Quick, General Manager at dCS Americas Inc., played some wonderful tunes, as usual, and the dCS/D'Agostino/Wilson system sounded superb, as usual. We then did a comparison between Ray Charles and Milt Jackson's "So Long Blues" from Soul Brothers; non-MQA vs. MQA.

I will withhold any subjective comments since this was hardly a scientific test, but I will say that the MQA version sounded a lot better.

Vincent's picture

Almost 4 months on and we're still waiting for dCS to release their MQA update.. I think dCS customers are really tested for their patience w.r.t. this much anticipated firmware release..! :-((

rickayre's picture

And it is now six months, and those of us who own a dCS Rossini are still waiting for MQA. I was told, by a dCS rep six weeks ago that we were two week away. Real soon now...., I am sure (NOT).