Da Vinci Sire DAC

While Light Harmonic's new Sire DAC was nowhere to be found, its always nice to sneak a peak at their more affordable Da Vinci DAC ($20,000).

Here's the scoop on the upcoming Sire from Light Harmonic:

  • World first Ultra-high speed DAC: 768K + DSD256
  • World first Digital + Analog hybrid volume control
  • MSRP: $120,000 USD
  • Femto Clocks inside x 2
  • Limited numbers -- 24 each year
  • 5 Year un-limited upgrade (no COST)... future prove
  • 7 sets of digital inputs
  • Custom Color
  • Sire Music Server. Option: 10K
  • Include Power Cord, LightSpeed USB cable
  • Teflon PCB’s

christopher3393's picture

Will there be an option for 2 in dual mono?

Larry Ho's picture

Dual Mono with 3rd femto clock box that sync the two Dual mono DAC. It's one extreme configuration.

And one more thing:  Pre-Amp is included!