Coup de Foudre/Tone Imports/DeVore Fidelity

In the CdF/Tone Imports/DeVore Fidelity room, the Acoustic Plan DigiMaster USB DAC ($4,750) sat there looking bountifully blue. Capable of 24/192 playback on all inputs including in-house developed asynchronous USB, I2S, and S/PDIF (Coax and Toslink), the DigiMaster also hosts a tube output stage and performs no up or over-sampling. Sitting next door is the matching DriveMaster transport ($4,750).

Filling in the rest of the picture are the new DeVore Fidelity Gibbon 88 loudspeakers ($5000/pair) driven by the Line Magnetic 211IA integrated amplifier ($1650). A MacBook Pro running BitPerfect fed the Acoustic Plan DigiMaster the musical bits.

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What's that swell looking table? How are the 88s? Can't wait to hear those..

Michael Lavorgna's picture

That is the Brinkman Bardo with a Graham Phantom tonearm and EMT TSD 15N.

I cannot speak to the 88's sound seeing as I'm friends with their maker Mr. DeVore and we all know reviewers cannot multitask.

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Do you have enough data points to make any comments on NOS DACs like the Acoustic Plan?  The one I have heard recently (Metrum) beats the one I heard a few years ago (47 Labs).  I beleive I like the NOS DACs a bit better but I haven't heard any long enough to form a good impression.




PS  Hint:  New beergarden down the street has Dale's in addition to 50 or so on tap!

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I have opinions and impressions about everything over Dale's on tap.