Conversations With Ayre (Video)

Me and Charley Hansen

Prior to the start of this year's RMAF, Jana Dagdagan and I headed over to the Boulder headquarters of Ayre Acoustics to talk about their new QX-5 Twenty Digital Hub (see review). I spoke to Ayre's Principal Development Engineer Ariel Brown and Software Engineer Brendan Boyle, and separately a one-on-one with Founder and Head of Innovation Charley Hansen. Here are those results. I'd like to thank Ayre for their time and Jana for her fine work behind the camera. Enjoy!

I0:02 / 13:06 Interview: Engineers at Ayre Acoustics on the QX-5

Interview: Charlie Hansen, Ayre Acoustics on the QX-5 (Part 1)

Interview: Charlie Hansen, Ayre Acoustics on the QX-5 (Part 2)

Hugo450r's picture

Great interview. Enjoyed watching two fellow music lovers geek out over their ( our? ) shared passion.

Steven Plaskin's picture
I agree! Very enjoyable and informative.
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I'd consider buying one, but the dealer in my country doesn't keep one in stock, so can't even see/hear it in store. Too expensive an item for me to buy on spec. Pity.

Thanks for the interviews, though.