The Convention Center

I took the Las Vegas Monorail to the Las Vegas Convention Center on Thursday afternoon to see what I would see. I hit two Halls, South and Central, and pretty much just strolled around to take in the sites and sounds of consumerism run amok.

There were a few million celebrity headphones (who knew there were so many?) in every color, shape and size known to man, a gazillion monitors and TVs in all forms of evolution creeping toward real some requiring special eyeglasses to peep their specific treats some not, about forty thousand companies whose name began with "Shenzhen...", all manner of iReady devices falling from Apple's tree bearing industrious fruit from China's labor, scantily-clad impossibly proportioned spokesgirls, dancers, rappers, fast food, fast cars, fast cameras, and tons of fast gadgets all requiring some sort of fast power. And most of this stuff is destined for the landfill as soon as CES 2013 rolls around with realer, faster, smaller, bigger and better versions.

In the Convention Center, might is all right. It's OK to show off how much money you have and how big you are. As a matter of fact, that's what this place is all about. The bigger your booth the better, size equating to an unspoken promise of cutting edge scope. Logo'd curtains the size of football fields separated the Monsters from the Sanyos from the Sonys from the Samsungs. Overload as ideal.