Constellation Audio Cygnus Media Server

Constellation Audio was showing off their prototype Cygnus Media Server/DAC ($32,000) which features an outboard power supply and supports resolutions up to 32/192. There's a host of digital inputs including AES/EBU, 2x Coax S/PDIF, 2x Toslink, and USB (optional), as well as an Ethernet input to play back from network attached storage. Outputs are comprised of balanced XLRs and single-ended RCAs. There are a number of user selectable filters including minimum-phase, phase-perfect, Bessel and Butterworth. Production units are expected to ship within 60 days.

From Constellation Audio:

The internal construction of the Cygnus resembles that of no other DAC (except, of course, our own Sirius HD digital music source). The circuitry is built on a “raft,” a plate that floats on an elastomeric suspension to maintain a tranquil environment for the sensitive audio circuitry. The top of the raft hosts the analog audio circuitry. Digital and control circuitry is suspended under the raft, and the plate isolates the audio circuitry from interference.