Computer Audio Design (CAD)

I always enjoy my visit to the CAD room mainly because CAD's proprietor, Scott Berry, is an interesting guy to talk to and the system that finds his DAC paired with electronics and speakers from Boenicke Audio is a pleasure to listen to. His CAD 1543 MKII DAC (£7,200) is a R-2R resistor ladder DAC using 16 NOS Phillips TDA 1543/N2 chips (because the company "believes that sigma delta technology used in current DAC chips does not sound as natural as resistor ladder technology"). The CAD 1543, which supports PCM resolutions up to 24-bit/192kHZ, is non-oversmapling with no output filtering. I'd recommend a visit to the CAD website since it goers into some details about the company's approach to DAC design.

Also in use were a number of the new CAD GC1 Ground Control (£1,400 inc. VAT), a passive device that converts high frequency energy into heat reducing HF noise on the signal ground plane, thereby improving sound quality, according to the company. CAD is distributed in the US by AudioPrana so I'll be looking at and listening to CAD's wares in-barn sometime in the future.

Confession: I adhere to the "Wood is good" approach for equipment racks.