Computer Audio Demystified for Windows OS and More

Jim Hillegass of JRiver makes the power point

Fortune smiled upon me once again when I made it just in the nick of time to hear JRiver CEO Jim Hillegass final presentation on Sunday which covered "Computer Audio Demystified for Windows OS and JRiver". This was also Jim's third presentation and it took place on Sunday afternoon just an hour before the end of the show and dangerously close to Jim's return home flight-time. So while there was only time for a few questions after Jim's informative presentation, I managed to sneak one in which related to a point he had touched on in his talk.

Basically I was asked Jim if during their speed tests comparing JRiver, iTunes and Windows Media Player if they'd found a point beyond which iTunes becomes unusable in terms of number of tracks and speed. He responded by saying that their tests involved 100,000 MP3s and in real-world use iTunes worked just fine. This an interesting topic and I intend to do my own iTunes stress tests at some point with CD-quality and high definition files and see where iTunes breaking point is.

You can read more about the JRiver Speed tests here.