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Teac UD-501 Dual-Monarual PCM/DSD USB DAC ($849)

MSB Technology The Analog DAC ($6,995)

Playback Designs MPD-3 DAC ($6,500)

USB Cable Shootout! Synergistic Research USB Active SE with Enigma tuning circuits ($595/1m), AudioQuest Diamond USB Cable ($695/1.5m), Wireworld Platinum Starlight USB ($599.95/1m).

Emotiva XDA-2 USB DAC/Digital Preamp/Headphone Amp ($399)

Emotiva Pro Stealth B Powered Studio Monitor ($749/each)

KEF X300A Powered Speaker ($799.99/pair)

HRT Music Streamer HD ($449.95)

Parasound Zdac ($475)

Wcwc's picture

Looks like a good assortment of interesting gear.

gmf001's picture

I think you should add a MonoPrice $1.49 special to your list of cables.  How do you plan to measure BER and jitter?

Michael Lavorgna's picture

...I can say the USB cable comparisons will be based on listening not measurements.

Stephen Mejias's picture

Great stuff -- and at some interesting price points that beg for head-to-head comparisons. I'm psyched to hear about all of this, but most excited about the KEF X300A loudspeakers. I heard these at the KEF headquarters in Maidstone, and was mightily impressed. Mmm. . .

temerini's picture

exaSound e20 seems interesting too....

temerini's picture

...and the Benchmark DAC2...

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Nice collection of sub $1000 units Mike.... you are speaking my language.... I am curious about the TEAC because their brand has been diluted as a consumer brand for a while now but they have released these  501 series units and Distinction Series units recently.... They seem to be trying to fight their way back into serious discussion... trying to close the gap with their affluent brothers at Esoteric... Curious what your take is on their DAC.... is it really bringing the goods  at $895 or does the pricing have as much to do with all that well machined aluminum jewelry?

I wouldn't be very surprised to hear that the ZDac and XDA2 bested it.