The Christmas Music Mix

The Christmas Mix... this is a bonus mix brought to you by our incroyablement talentueux Scott Eastlick for your Holiday moments, be they alone, shared with friends or family or taking control of the music at a party. This is a more hip playlist/mix for the cool kids to paraphrase Eastlick, rather than a traditional yule log. I hope you enjoy it and feel free to share it far and wide.

Rafe Arnott

As far as religious holidays go, none have been as potently marketed as Christmas. Defined by an endless stream of catchy original songs, unabashed commercialism, and a magical mascot, Christmas often seems more like a Disney production than an especially holy endeavour. While this commercialism is often derided, it does also foster a spirit of inclusivity seldom found in religious rituals. Irrespective of our individual beliefs, Christmas exists as an open-source holiday that everybody is able to celebrate in different ways and for different reasons.

What makes this season special are the intangible traditions that evolve with each year; lounging at the dining table with wine-blushed cheeks, spending lazy mornings sprawled out on carpets littered with tinsel and torn paper, or sitting in a strip club bathroom stall and scrolling through pictures of your estranged children while audibly crying. Running behind it all is the music, which codifies our nostalgia in a way that photographs fall short.

As integral as Christmas music is to the season, at their worst some of the more grating wellworn classics have the effect of being trapped on an airplane with a crying baby. With that in mind I’ve put together a selection of Christmas music that doesn’t ask you to completely abandon the musical sensibilities you observe during the rest of the year.

Scott Eastlick

  • Jeremih & Chance the Rapper - I’m Your Santa
  • Margo Guryan - I Don’t Intend to Spend Christmas Without You
  • The Futureheads – Christmas Was Better in the 80s
  • Saskatchewan – Last Christmas (Wham Cover)
  • The Bandana Splits – Wonderful Christmas Time (Paul McCartney Cover)
  • Kashka – Empty Sleigh
  • Saint Etienne – My Christmas Prayer
  • LCD Soundsystem – Christmas Will Break Your Heart
  • PINS - Kiss Me Quickly (it's Christmas)
  • Banjo or Freakout – Merry Christmas, Baby
  • Scott Matthew – Silent Nights
  • Bright Eyes – White Christmas
  • Stina Nordenstam – Soon After Christmas
  • Circlesquare – Untitled (For Christmas)
  • Madonna - Christmas Wishes (Don’t Drive Drunk)
  • Tyler the Creator - Hot Chocolate
  • Jeremih & Chance the Rapper - The Tragedy
  • James Brown - Sweet Little Baby Boy
  • Aretha Franklin - God Bless The Child
  • Vince Guaraldi Trio - Christmas Time Is Here (Alternate Vocal Take)
  • Chet Baker, Christopher Nelson - We Three Kings
  • Nat King Cole - O Holly Night
  • Low - Blue Christmas
  • Neko Case - Christmas Card From a Hooker in Minneapolis (Tom Waits Cover)
  • Cat Power - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
  • Joey Ramone - Merry Christmas From the Ramones
  • John Denver & the Muppets - Christmas Is Coming
  • Bright Eyes - The Night Before Christmas
  • Bjork - Merry Christmas From Bjork

For those looking for more Christmastime in Hollis, Queens, Eastlick's Old-School HIp-Hop Christmas mix can be found HERE.

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Thanks for publishing what looks like an interesting playlist. In trying to find the tunes, I tried Tidal, Pandora and Spotify but struck out on all 3 within the first few tracks on the list. Where can I find this playlist or the tunes that make it up?

Rafe Arnott's picture
You'd have to contact the man himself over at electric-adolescence .
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Scott posted the link here:

It can also be found (along with his other mixes) on Mixcloud:

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Thank You seems the link you posted takes one to the Xmas mix from this year....anyway to get a download link for the 2017 mix?

Happy Holidays :)

tulysses's picture Balsam Range. Also on Tidal.

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I consider finding Electric Adolescence via Audio Stream among the top highlights of 2018. Cheers fellas.