Channel D/Joseph Audio

Channel D, makers of Pure Music and Pure Vinyl, were spinning some sweet-sounding HD vinyl rips using the Lynx Hilo Reference A/D D/A Converter System/DAC ($2,495). The 24/192-capable Hilo is feature-packed and offers 12 inputs including AES/EBU, Coax S/PDIF, optical Toslink, ADAT, Lynx LT-USB LSlot for computer connectivity, and Lynx’s low jitter SynchroLock word clock. The Hilo also offers a total of 16 outputs and a headphone jack.

Sharing the stage with with Hilo were a pair of Joseph Audio Perspective Speakers ($11,800/pair) being driven by a Unison Research UNICO 50 Integrated amplifier ($4,495).