CES Miscellany

the dCS Vivaldi stack

Even though I was on a mission to cover everything, I missed a lot. It's inevitable. I never made it to the Convention Center which could easily take up a full day's worth of time. There were also rooms I ran in and ran out of because they didn't have anything new, or I missed something, or they didn't have any "computer audio" (there weren't many of those) but I still managed to snap a picture and even take a listen.

Bryston BDP-2

Dayton Audio was using the Emotiva Stealth DC-1.

VTL was using a dCS stack for digital and Wilson speakers and their room sounded warm and inviting (as usual).

The T+A DAC 8 was on display in the Dynaudio/T+A room.

The T+A HV-Series.

The Dynaudio's XEO wireless speakers saw a price reduction—the Xeo 3 is now $1,999 and the Xeo 5 is $3,799.

In the DeVore Fidelity, my friend John DeVore was using the Acoustic Plan DigiMaster (see review) with his new gibbon X speakers and he treated me to some supremely satisfying tunes.

Meitner was showing their new mighty MTRX monoblocks.

I always stop in to see Jeff Catalano at High Water Sound because a) I enjoy his company, b) he plays great music, and c) it always sounds great (Jeff plays LPs). Jeff: "So Michael what are you up to?" Me: "I cover computer audio." J: "Computer Audio - for people who hate music." I laughed.

My review of the BlueSound Vault is coming very soon.

The Hi-Res Audio Experience.

The Waterfall Serio speakers.

The Resolution Audio Cantata.

The Antelope Audio Rubicon.

Bel Canto Black with Joseph Audio Pearl 3 speakers.

ADAM Audio ARTist 5.

The Hegel HD25 DAC.

A Pro-Ject mini system.

Magico was using the dCS Vivaldi stack and the Aurender W20.

The Ayre QB-9 DSD (I have one here!).

The TAD room. Always a treat.

Dirac, makers of the Dirac Live Room Correction Suite, had a very interesting demo using a 7.1 setup for 2-channel audio. The other 5.1 speakers were used for active noise cancellation. Made the room disappear.

These EgglestonWorks speakers sounded really nice with zero room treatments.

These Marten Coltrane Supreme 2 speakers did not sound like big speakers. Stunning.

Simpli-Fi Audio was doing all kinds of DSP on-the-fly with their DSPeaker Anti-Mode.

Magnepan wins the award for the most thoughtful demo—members of the press had to guess the cost of the speakers we were hearing through that curtain and the winner gets to pick which charity Magnepan donates money to.