CES 2017: Sights

AudioQuest's new Perch Headphone Stand ($79.95). Form, meet function. Projected ship date: February.

MBL and John Atkinson

Audionet Planck Reference CD Player

Nagra Seven and HD DAC

Kronos Turntable

Breaking Bad

Brinkmann Spyder Turntable w/2 arm pods, EMT 997 Tonearm/EMT JSD-S75 MC cartridge pre-mounted EMT J-Shell, Brinkmann 10.5 tonearm/EMT TSD-75 MC Cartridge

DeVore and Sugden


440 Audio G1

Rogue Audio and Joseph Audio

ELAC's new tweeter

Dynaudio and Octave


Arcam Solo Music


Magico & Constellation

Olasonic NANO-D1 DAC

VTL, Wilson, and dCS

Quad VA-One

MSB Select DAC

Berkeley Alpha DAC Reference Series

Avantgarde Zero TA

A guy's gotta eat

The Double Helix. A Personal Account of the Discovery of the Structure of DNA , by Watson, James D. ( & Crick, Francis H.). First Edition

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about the Heisenberg

Thanks, folks! I'll be here all week!

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