CES 2017: New Gear

Lindemann MusicBook25: DSD ($4995) atop the MusicBook55 Power Amplifier ($3295)

M2Tech EVO Plus DAC Two 384/32 and DSD D-To-A Converter ($890) and the EVO DAC Two 384/32 and DSD D-To-A Converter ($630)

Pro-Ject DAC Box DS2 Ultra (€599) 32/768kHz, DSD256 DAC (AKM AK4490)

Kalista DAC ($36,750) and CD Turntable ($35,700)

Bluesound Pulse Soundbar ($999)

Bluesound App for Pulse Soundbar

Hegel Röst Integrated Amplifier with AirPlay/Ethernet/DAC ($3000)

Well Rounded Sound WRS mm2 Active Speaker (projected $299-$349)

Technics Grand Class SU-G700 Stereo Integrated Amplifier ($2500)

Prototype ELAC Discovery Q Roon Server ($2000) March/April availability

Creek EVOLUTION 100CD ($1995)

Naim Uniti Nova Audiophile All-in-One ($6495)

photo credit: dCS

dCS Network Bridge ($4250)

NAD M50.2 Digital Music Player ($3999) pictured up top

garrettnecessary's picture

Did you get to listen to the Well Rounded sound speakers? They look terrific!

Michael Lavorgna's picture
I've had very positive impressions of the Well Rounded Sound speakers I have heard.
ednaz's picture

it'd be fun, and useful, to have at least a one liner review for all the new gear, a la the NY Times movie guides. At minimum, descriptive, but where you heard something intriguing, more than that...

Michael Lavorgna's picture
...was on silent display. In some cases, as with the Bluesound Soundbar, there was a group of people talking directly in front of the speaker. Also, it is very 'tricky' to try to say something meaningful about a specific component after a few minute listen in an unfamiliar room and system.

I used to re-type some specs but it made more sense to me to simply provide a link to the manufacturer's website where you can get all of the information available.

That being said, I did a separate post on those rooms that stood out to me sound- and experience- wise.

Anton's picture

Got my Tidal Explorer 2 mojo on this weekend.

Quite nice! "Analog-ish!"