CES 2017 Hi-Res Audio Pavilion

Typically Venetian- and/or Mirage-bound exhibitors including dCS, Bluesound, and ELAC were also on active display at the Hi-Res Audio Pavilion in the LVCC, the circus circus carnivalesque commodity trading floor pumping pounding shoving flashing booth-babe sporting sports center of CES.

dCS Rossini and AudioQuest NightOwl

Visitors could strap on headphones and try to isolate themselves from the overload (good luck with that!), and see if hi-res audio really makes a difference (ibid).


My cattiness aside, I love the idea of crossing over but I'm thinking a shuttle bus from the LVCC to the Venetian/Mirage might be a more meaningful direction for those interest in a real taste of the higher-end.

Samsung Soundbar HW-HS750

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The folks in the booth were unable to give me the provenance of ANY of the recordings that they were demonstrating and they again claim that ANY audio that is stuffed into a container that is identified as >48khz PCM is "hi-res".