CES 2017: Afterthoughts

The biggest and most meaningful buzz from CES 2017 was . . . Prince. As I explained, Jonathan Derda was playing "Avalanche" from the Club-members-only album One Nite Alone... and I was told I must hear "Avalanche" in the MoFi room by Stephen Mejias. After hearing it, I passed on the word.

The Prince "Avalanche" buzz is still going strong: My personal Facebook feed is making all kinds of lovely connections among friends with Prince's "Avalanche" as guide.

Thinking back, way back, to 2012 and my first Salon Son & Image show, I had a similar Prince experience:

Perhaps most important of all, a special thanks to Doug Graham, Naim Audio's International Sales Manager, who played some truly kick-ass music (you know real music, not that awful overly polite muzak'd pablum that's meant to make a hi-fi sound like its worth buying) including a Prince track I'd not heard before that sounded like a tribute to many of my favorite guitar players including Jimi Hendrix after having been sent through the amazing purple paisley mill. Bravo.
The track was "The Undertaker" from the album of the same name and I shared that music with everyone I knew. It has also lasted as a favorite track shared among friends.

Shared among friends. Music shared among friends is a very important part of my life. It is one of life's great pleasures. A gift that keeps giving and that gift is a bond.

The real highlight of CES 2017, as is the case with every hi-fi show I attend, was the chance to see friends, old and new, and share music and stories. Or perhaps better stated as share our love of music and life.

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