CES 2017!

One week from tomorrow I board a cozy people mover en-route to Las Vegas, Nevada and the hi-end orgy that is CES. The BIG question on every show goer's mind this year—Is less really more?

By my rough count, there are 40 less rooms filled with hi-fi as compared to last year (which was down from the previous year by I don't know how much). 40 less rooms is equal to about a day of coverage so less in this case is more time for me. More time to spend on what I want to spend my time on and less time trying to beat the clock. Nice.

Schadenfreude-prone prognosticators may delight in this news but it ain't over 'till the fat lady sings. Thankfully, most of the ladies singing at CES are...willowy. I'm more of a mind to attribute the thinning CES herd with other show's fattening. Like daylight savings. It could also be the case that some find 'Vega$' appeal waning, the notion of travel during the holiday rush just days after the New Year nightmarish, and being tacked on to a larger show that could not care less about hi-fi to be the worst of all worlds.

Nonetheless, our overall game plan remains unchanged—look out for the new, spot trends, and report newsworthy news (and have fun. Lots of fun).

See you in Sin City!

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This will be fun. I think many interesting names will have suites at The Mirage and might not even be in the show guide.

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See you next week!
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Have fun! Also, if you can, please check out Shunyata's room at CES. It seems Shunyata will be announcing some new cables. :-)

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Products that serve a single purpose well tend to get a lot of coverage, but for me, products that can do more than one thing are more intriguing. Examples of such products include Bluesound's Vault 2, which can be used as a DAC for a computer (and is MQA capable at that - I'm still waiting to upgrade my 10-year DAC), a headphone amplifier, and a file server. Another example is Music Hall's PA 2.2, which can be used as a phone preamp, a preamp, a headphone amp, and for converting analog sources to digital. I hope you can keep part of an eye out for devices like these.