CES 2016: The Wrap!

CES 2016 tested many an audiophile, and continues to do so, with one word—Ready. Roon- and MQA-Ready products seemed to generate the most interest...for good reason; Roon makes browsing your music and the music from Tidal's 3 million plus tracks fun, and from what I heard, MQA makes listening to digital files more fun. But...you can't have -Ready products now. Dammit!

My personal CES experience was colored by other factors, which also have everything to do with fun; seeing old and newer friends, listening to and sharing music, listening and learning, and spending time listening to music with Graham Nash.

Once you break through the bullshit that is Las Vegas and settle down and listen to music, things can get very interesting. The rooms that tickled my fancy most this year are as follows (in alpha order):

DeVore Fidelity
GTT Audio/Kii
On the new product front, I'm very excited by what ELAC, Auralic, Audio Alchemy, Ayre, Dynaudio, and AudioQuest are doing, namely offering great sounding and feature-rich gear in affordable packages. Of course MQA's promise is the richest; delivering better sounding digital reproduction in smaller bitrate packages. There's much to sort out with MQA and I'll be taking strides in that direction tomorrow.

Overall, I'd say CES 2016 was a blast. Not Munich-level fun mind you, but fun nonetheless. My closing thought started as a joke and turned into a semi-serious pitch throughout CES: Let's take the Venetian exhibitors and merge them with SXSW, in Austin. That's an event I'd camp out for.

Make sure you head on over to Stereophile for much more CES 2016 coverage.

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from "The Shining". Great movie. Saw local premiere all those years ago. Scared the &$@@% out of me.

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I inserted Danny into a pic I took of one the halls at the Venetian ;-)