I strolled over to T.H.E. Show on Friday afternoon and the first booth you run into (by necessity) is CEntrance. They had a few displays featuring their USB bus-powered DACmini CX ($795) and a DACmini PX ($1,475) both connected to an iPad via the Apple Camera Connection Kit. The CX version is a DAC/headphone amp and features Coax and Toslink inputs capable of 24-bit/196kHz, and USB up to 24-bit/96kHz. The PX adds a 50W/ch integrated amp in the same small package.

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Hi Michael,


Thanks for all the updates from CES.  Do you know if anyone is planning to review Centrance's combo with the Dacmini PX and the desktop monitors?




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Hey David!!

Mike Mercer here from CEntrance.  First - thanks to Michael for the coverage (I was not there when he showed up on Friday - was running around with a friend from Atlantic Records).  I'll reach out to Michael to see if he would like to review the Brand New Audiophile Desktop system!!

We literally just got the systems in - and have shipped systems to Dean Seislove at Positive Feedback and Anthony Kershaw at Audiophilia.com - we would love to have Michael report on it!!

The response was AMAZING, and I'm so sorry I missed Michael when he stopped by!!

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Sorry I missed you, too. And feel to reach out - michael.lavorgna@audiostream.com

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Thanks Michael!!


I'm gonna reach out to you this week, and thanks again for the coverage as always!  I remember when I was working w/ HRT - your review of the Pro was SPOT ON brother.

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But I'll pretend I did so I can see what it feels like to be spot on ;-)