Capital Audiofest 2017

I am very excited to be heading down to Rockville, MD for my first time attending the Capital Audiofest. The show promises nearly 60 exhibition rooms filled with things whose sole purpose in life is to make us happy.

my collection (complete) of Sound Practices

But the thing that has me most excited, and made the decision to attend go from "I'd like to go" to "I have to go" is an event. This event, a panel discussion, takes place on Sunday and it's titled "The Virtues of Vintage". Moderated by Art Dudley and Herb Reichert, panelists include Joe Roberts (of Sound Practices fame), Blackie Pagano (Tube Amplifier Repair Tech extraordinaire), Lenny Florentine (of Just Audio), and Early Bender (of

my collection (complete) of Art Dudley's Listener

I starting reading Listener back when it was being published. My father read Stereophile. I liked Listener's humor, wit, and wisdom and I loved the writing; especially Art and Herb Reichert. These guys made me think about writing about hi-fi because they showed me it could be about something more than boxes. Yea, blame them ;-)

I don't remember exactly when I found Sound Practices but it was around this same time, the '90s, and it was also filled, brimming over, with color and character(s). Joe Roberts, Don Garber, JC Morrison, Herb Reichert, Komuro, Vincent Gallo (yea, that Vincent Gallo), Harvey "Gizmo" Rosenberg, and many more.

Hi-Fi, as a hobby, seems to have a terrible memory; always searching for the latest greatest newest thing. As if new things pop up out of nowhere, every new iteration, every MK II, born without a past. Of course none of that is true and I do so enjoy the history of hi-fi and the people in it.

So I'm very much looking forward to the Capital Audiofest where I plan to take in all that this wonderful hobby has to offer.

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be there on Friday. Looking forward to it,

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I wish I could go to The Virtues of Vintage but work gets in the way Saturday. See you Friday perhaps and don't miss the Deja Vu Audio room! No affiliation other than a very satisfied customer of theirs.

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I'll be there Saturday early afternoon/Sunday. The panel is Sunday morning at 10.