CanJam NYC 2018

a friend, Steve Mishoe of In Living Stereo, told me I had to listen to the Audeze LCDi4 ($2495) in-ear planar headphones, paired with the Chord Mojo, because they are f*&king awesome. So I did and they are

I enjoy attending CanJam even though this is mainly the land of Tyll and InnerFidelity. I say mainly because, while CanJam is filled with 'phones, it's also, by necessity, filled with DACs. But that's not the reason I enjoy attending CanJam.

I enjoy attending CanJam because, by and large, the other attendees appear to be having a really good time. Nary a scowl of faux discernment did I spy with my little eye, rather people of a broader demographic than your typical US hi-fi show were there in numbers having fun. Of course, this mood carries over to the exhibitors as well and one seasoned hi-fi exhibitor told me he enjoys these events, too.

I spent most of my time talking to people, and very little time listening so I'm just going to point to a handful of objects that caught my attention.

Mytek had their new $995 Liberty DAC, which is a Brooklyn DAC minus some parts including the front panel display, but retains the stuff that makes a Brooklyn sound like a Brooklyn. The Liberty also processes the same data rates as the Brooklyn as well as the ability to decode MQA.

That's the Mytek Clef ($299) which has its own website to help emphasize Mytek's desire to have the little Clef appeal to people outside the world of hi-fi.

I last ran into Vermeer Audio's Two Universal Control Center (19.900 €) in Munich a few years ago. The company is France's Audio Aero reborn, which to digital olderphiles, will certainly ring a bell as their gear, including the Capitole MII (which I owned), was an example of a CD player/DAC that didn't suck. The Two is a Network DAC that I'm hoping will become a Roon endpoint soon.

The Vermeer line appeared in the Audio Prana booth along with that sexy Trafomatic Audio Primavera headphone amp.

Pro-Ject's S2 line, which includes the Head Box S2 Digital ($299), Pre Box S2 Digital ($399), and DAC Box S2+ ($249), has received some nice attention to detail including an aluminum enclosure and dual ESS Sabre 9038 DACs making for an interesting price-point proposition.

Another show highlight was running into Mark Dolgonos who was kind enough to contribute a Lovely Recordings not long ago. We had a chance to sit and talk for a few minutes and Mark offered a number of suggestions for AudioStream that made me shake my head "Yes". One such suggestion was to have an AudioStream meet-up in NYC (a bar sounded like a good place to me) where a small group of us could do more sitting and talking about why we enjoy this hobby so much, music, and what I can do to make AudioStream a better place.

Thanks to fine folks at CanJam Global for a lovely Sunday.

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Michael, thanks for the succinct show summary. Sorry I missed it. I would support an NYC Audiostream meet-up, even though it means taking the train in from CT. Beer and music gets me there every time.