Outside of RMAF, this was my first CANJAM. While I am not a headphone kinda guy, I am someone who enjoys seeing people enjoy themselves, especially when its all sorts of people. In this regard, CANJAM ranks right up there with Munich High End, my favorite hi-fi show in the entire world!

While there wasn't a lot of new digital gear, there were some new things and some things not new but new to me. Pictured above is the Innous Zen Mini Mk.II XL music server ($1299 w/1TB HDD standard, 2TB HDD available). The fanless Mini can function as network attached storage, CD ripper, and streamer running on "innuOS" (Linux variant). A quad-core Intel CPU with 2GB RAM handles the processing and all of the Zen MKII music servers run Roon Core and offer USB out.

the Mini was perched atop the Aqua Acoustics La Voce DAC

There are two larger models; the Zen Mk.II Std (£ 1,799) which includes a number of upgrades from the Mini—linear power supply, anti-vibration treatment on chassis and electronic components, medical-grade mains filter, dual Ethernet ports, In-Memory playback with 2GB cache, and a quad-core Intel CPU with 4GB RAM. Comes with a 2TB HDD and an optional 4TB HDD (£ 1,799) is available. The top-of-line Zenith Mk.II Std packs a 1TB (£ 2,299), 2TB (£ 2,899), or 4TB SSD (£ 4,599) and ups the RAM ante to 8GB.

The Prism Sound Callia DAC ($2750), which has impressed me two times before (at RMAF and NY Audio Show), also caught the ear of AudioStream reviewer Alex Halberstadt who may be taking a closer look and listen.

Aune is new to me and their S7 Headphone Amp ($599) and S6 Headphone Amp/DAC (also $599) looked and sounded rather nice for the price. The S6 can handle PCM resolutions up to 32/384 and DSD128 while offering 4 digital inputs (USB, Coax S/PDIF, Toslink, AES/EBU).

AudioStream reviewer Ola Björling was digging into the Aqua Acoustics La Scala MKII Optologic DAC ($7000) which will also be getting a closer look and listen.

Ola also moderated a panel on "The Future of Headphone Audio: VR and Beyond" that included Sankar Thiagasamudram of Audeze, Andrew Mason of THX, Jacqueline Bosnjak of Mach 1, and Jude Mansilla of

Alex Halberstadt talking Russian shop talk with Stereo Pravda's Misha Kucherenko.

The left hall

The center hall

The right hall

Looking up

Looking down

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The system with the La Scala most impressed me at RMAF. After listening to a well known track I turned around and shook hands and thanked the demo-er. Looking forward to the full review.