Callia by Prism Sound

Some rooms have a good vibe. I'd like to say all rooms... but that's not the case, at least in my experience. The Prism Sound room made it to my 'good vibe' list a few seconds after entering.

Prism Sound, as you may know, has been around since 1987 and most of their products, A/D-D/A converters, live in recording and mastering studios. Callia is their first foray into our world.

"Audio electronics is special because it requires some appreciation of the human auditory mechanism as well as a high level of engineering science."
Nicely said, no?

The Callia DAC/Preamp/Headphone Amp ($2750) passes PCM resolutions up to 384kHz and DSD128 via DoP and includes the digital inputs you'd expect (USB and S/PDIF) with RCA and XLR out. There's also a low impedance headphone amp and Prism Sound has included their "CleverClox" digital clock technology, first developed for their pro gear.

Callia was connected to a pair of ATC SCM40 Active loudspeakers ($6999/pair) and the sound was warm and inviting. My notes read "REVIEW SAMPLE".