Cabasse Streaming

Erstwhile French speaker manufacturer Cabasse was showing a trio of new streaming products. Let's start with the Stream Source ($549) which is a full fledged DLNA network player that also supports wi-fi, aptX Bluetooth, data rates up to 24/96 and WAV, FLAC, WMA, AIFF, AAC, ALAC, and MP3 file formats. Outputs include Analog RCA and optical S/PDIF. The Stream Source also includes a USB Type-A input which allows you to connect USB Storage and turn it into Network Attached Storage for sharing around your house among other Cabasse streamers.

The Stream 1 Smart Active Speaker ($949) is also a network ready device and shares most of the functionality of the Stream Source but trades the RCA input for a 3.5mm input while adding a three-way coaxial speaker.

The Stream 3 sub-satellite system ($1,599) also houses a full fledged network player/DAC in the sub while the two satellites are coaxial designs which you can see in gigantic form in Cabasse's La Sphere. All of these devices come with a Stream remote and can also be operated with the free Stream Audio Control app. for Android and iOS devices.