Buffalo LinkStation LS400 NAS

Buffalo Technology had their LS400 Series NAS devices on hand (the stouter of the two black boxes in the pic) that are geared for the audiophile market. Capable of handling AIFF, ALAC, WAV, FLAC, and DSD data, the DLNA/UPnP compatible LS400 Series includes a 1.2GHz ARMADA370 processor and 512Mbytes of DRAM running TwonkyMedia 7. The LS400 Series comes in three flavors— the single-drive LinkStation 410D ($229/2TB, $269/3TB, $399/4TB), dual-drive LinkStation 420D ($289/2TB, $369/4TB, $469/6TB, $719/8TB), and the diskless LinkStation 421E ($149/diskless enclosure).