Bright Lights, Unreal City

We arrived after a layover in Denver where we got see the winning TD pass in yesterday’s Broncos/Steelers playoff game about 425 times on the airport bar TV (Fat Tire on tap if you must know). Arriving in Las Vegas brings with it that special rush of feelings that are best summed up in a word—dread. I’d say more but Stephen Mejias of Stereophile already said it better right here.

The 2012 International CES officially opens tomorrow at 10:00am and we’re in for 4 days of action-packed listening. Stay tuned!

Stephen Mejias's picture

Something about this image looks kooky.  Too many Fat Tires gets my eyes crossed.  Or...was it that mocha mousse milkshake??

Michael Lavorgna's picture

Never the beer!