It seems like each year at RMAF a few people tell me I have to hear the system put together by Distributor Fidelis AV. This year was no exception and they were right, again. Two constants from last year were the Harbeth Monitor 30.1 speakers ($5,995/pair) and the Bricasti M1 DAC ($8,495) the latter should be heading to Steve Plaskin's place any day now.

This year the Harbeth's were being driven by the Metronome Technologie ARTP300-SE integrated amplifier ($15,975) and the Bricasti was fed its bits from the Music Vault Diamond Server. The sound was at once enveloping and relaxed, the music flowing into the room in a very natural way, drawing you into the performance. What more could you ask for?

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Told ya you needed to hear that room! wink

Glad you were able to make it over.

One of the best rooms at the show, and IMO, the most musical by far. Just wonderful. Stephen Mejia's assessment was spot on as well. 


Stephen Scharf

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And I thank you for doing so Stephen (btw - nice camera ;-)