Bricasti Design

Yum. In my experience, Bricasti always gets good sound and RMAF 2016 was no exception. I also find Brian Zolner, the company's President, to be more than willing to talk about any level of detail you'd care to dive into and he does so with real enthusiasm, even after a few show-day's toil. Nice.

New to the Bricasti lineup is the M12 Dual Mono Source Controller ($15,995) which made its debut at Axpona. The M12 is a DAC/Preamp that can also act as a multi-DAC controller. For the RMAF demo, Brian played music through the M12 as well as the well-reviewed M1 DAC (10,000 Special Edition) which was connected to the M12 via its analog outputs, switching back and forth from his iPad running JRiver as remote. Brain delighted in the fact that M12's Ethernet input eliminates the need for [noisy] USB.

Speakers were the Piano Diacera G2s ($39,900) from Tidal Audio powered by the Bricasti M28 Mono Block Amplifiers ($15,000) or the M15 Stereo Amplifier ($18,000).